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5 dec 2021 om 20:24 Delicious ramen!
22 nov 2021 om 21:51 Holy sh**t that was fast delivery and incredibly delicious food!!! Thank you for giving my mouth oral orgasms!
21 nov 2021 om 7:21 Normally a good meal. I tried the tenderloin poke bowl as well as the bun. Both were covered in a disgusting tasting sauce that reminded me of something from a jar and of nothing Asian. Neither were editable and thus a waste of money.
19 nov 2021 om 22:45 Nauwelijks vlees, wel veel rijst. Smaak was wel goed.
18 nov 2021 om 22:32 Fantastisch eten, as usual! Vriendelijke bezorger.
17 nov 2021 om 20:01 Love the beef tenderloin!!
7 nov 2021 om 18:01 Absolutely delicious!
6 nov 2021 om 6:08 Lekker eten, in verhouding wel wat veel rijst, weinig groenten.
4 nov 2021 om 16:29 I had something lamb and rice bowl. The sauce was great with the rice and the meat was cooked sooo good I loved it.
31 okt 2021 om 7:20 De kleine gerechtjes (broodje, loempia en satah) smaakten uitstekend. De grote schotels waren kraakvers maar naar onze smaak te flauw en met wel héél erg veel rijst.. Watermeloen? 3 kleine blokjes van exact één vierkante centimeter...
29 okt 2021 om 0:06 The food was amazing other than the delivery guy that rang the bell as if his life depended on it. He was really rude!!!
22 okt 2021 om 19:18 I usually order from them and i havr no cons. Today, I was really dissapointed. 70 min delivery changing the original estimated time up to 11 times. A call when such a delay happens would be nice.